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Gold Enamel Pin – Stay Bold!


This is our bold and beautiful gold enamelĀ Stay Bold Pin. Wear Serafina’s “Stay Bold!” motto on your jacket, shirt, lapel, backpack, purse, lanyard, or wherever you like. Remind yourself, and others, that you’re a force to reckon with!

A favorite for fans in the know: Serafina fans know that “Stay Bold!” is the catch phrase that Serafina, Waysa, and Braeden use when encouraging each other, and of course it’s Robert Beatty’s favorite phrase when he’s signing books. It means to stay strong, stay confident, think big, and keep pushing forward, no matter what occurs.

Details: This is a polished gold enamel pin with black enamel letters, 1.25″ long and 0.35″ high, with two standard pins and bufferfly clutches on the back.

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