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Teaching Materials – Serafina Series


Looking for a great novel (and series!) that will capture your readers’ imagination, create a fun classroom environment, & encourage student engagement? Then check out this great opportunity…

These are pre-printed, spiral-bound, tabbed versions of the teaching materials created to correspond with each book in the Serafina Series. More than 100 pages of materials to pick and choose from as you see fit, including:

  • Vocabulary lists
  • Quizzes by chapter
  • Discussion and writing prompts
  • Assignments and activities

These teaching materials were developed through the joint effort of the author and a small team of experienced teachers and curriculum developers.

NOTE: If you want to print your own, you can do so for free. We provide all the teaching materials in PDF form free of charge for all the Serafina and Willa books: https://robertbeattybooks.com/education/ More information about using the Serafina Series Teaching Materials in the classroom…

The Serafina Series is being taught in over a thousand classrooms nationwide. Students love the books for their mystery, fast-paced action, and compelling characters. We have also found that the books have been highly effective for engaging reluctant readers, especially when combined with watching the book trailers and other classroom activities.

Teachers love the historical elements, figurative writing, engaging themes, and rich vocabulary. With its combination of Gilded Age / Turn-of-the-Century American history, the real-life Biltmore Estate setting, and its intense mystery and action, Serafina and the Black Cloak and the rest of the Serafina Series are excellent novels to engage young readers in the rewards of historical fiction. Teachers will find the books to be well suited for English Language Arts, History, and Social Studies from 4th to 10th grade. School Library Journal (SLJ), Kirkus Reviews, and the Historical Novel Society have all given the Serafina series extremely strong praise.

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